Sunday, June 22, 2014

Day Five

It's the silence that terrifies me most. It's unrelenting. All-encompassing. Fifty miles of empty city is more than I can bear. I always imagined if I survived the end of the world I would have to fight tooth and nail to continue to stay alive. Other survivors, alien invaders, ... zombies. I think I would prefer any of them over the silence.

I stood in the parking lot of the BestBuy today and listened to the silence press in on me. I must have stood there for an hour and every moment that ticked away I swear the silence grew in intensity. I smashed the glass door of store as much to set off the alarm and drive away the silence, as to enter the building.

Ha! Shopping spree at a computer outlet and all I did was stock up on batteries and portable solar chargers.

I was too freaked out to stay long. I'll go back tomorrow and hit the other stores.

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