Thursday, June 26, 2014

Day Nine

I woke today with my cell phone ringing. The display said it was my wife calling, but I knew it was the Silence. I guess it didn’t appreciate me spending so much time in the center of the noisy Casino.

When I stood up, pain lanced through my left leg and I nearly fell back down. I found a bruise covering the entire front of my left thigh. The strange thing was; not only do I have no memory of injuring it yesterday, the bruise is not fresh. It was dark in the center, with an angry yellow ring tracing its uneven edges. As I have stated, I am no doctor, but the wound looks day’s old. This fact should probably freak me out more than it does. I just don’t care anymore. Whatever is going on, I simply want out.

It took me forever to hobble from the Excalibur back to the Bellagio where I had left my Envoy. The whole way the Silence laughed. A smug snicker that said it knows something I don’t.

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