Saturday, June 21, 2014

Day Four

Day four since the night everyone disappeared and I can't believe Facebook is still up and running. Hell, most things are still working; electricity, water, Internet, T.V. The entire world is still marching forward.

Well, except radio. Most stations went dead that first day. Lost the last one yesterday. Makes sense, I guess, if there are no DJs. If anything makes any sense right now. Pandora still works... go figure.

I haven't left my neighborhood, just too scared. More for my family. What happens if they return? I want to be here if they do.

I guess I'm lucky living on the last street of town. I think I would be a nervous wreck if I lived closer to the center of Vegas.

I drove around my neighborhood several times today, even knocked at doors on every street. No one answered.

The entrance gates are all closed, but they work. I drove up to one and it opened. I couldn't bring myself to drive out. I just backed up and sat their watching as it closed.

I saw a few birds... well... pigeons. And I saw a cat. I think it was feral. It looked as if it had been living outside forever. It scampered away when it noticed me. So, still no domesticated animals. Hell, I didn't notice until yesterday that our cat was gone. Never really liked him anyway.

I pulled out my pistol after that first day. I only have 9 rounds in the clip, but so far that's 9 more than I need. Thank God.

Unfortunately, I don't have a limitless supply of food and the like. Tomorrow I'm going to force myself to head down Decatur and check out the shopping area off the 215 with the Wal-Mart and Cosco. Not sure if I'll find the nerve to actually go inside, but I need to see what's out there beyond my neighborhood security fence.

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